Forced Into Drug Trafficking & Getting Caught

30 August 2022
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Did your relationship with an abusive partner lead to you trafficking drugs out of fear of what he or she might do to you? If you got caught in the act of trafficking drugs and are now faced with spending a long time in prison, you might deserve a lighter sentence. Although you clearly broke the law, a lawyer can help by proving to the court that you committed the drug offense due to being threatened by your partner. Proving that you would not have committed such a crime if you were not in an abusive relationship can make the difference between being a felon and being charged with a misdemeanor. A lawyer can guide you throughout your trial and fight for your freedom by using several legal tactics to prove your case.

Details About Your Abusive Relationship

Due to your case being built around the claim that you were forced into drug trafficking by an abusive partner, be prepared to provide details about your relationship. Answer each question that is presented to you by the lawyer as thoroughly and truthfully as possible. What you must keep in mind during your consultation is that honesty will help your lawyer build the most solid case. For example, if you were forced to perform nonconsensual sexual acts with your partner when he or she was angry, give your lawyer details. You should be detailed about the threats regarding trafficking drugs and your fear of your partner actualizing the threats.

Past Crimes You Have Committed  

Your criminal activity from the past will play a role in proving that you are not deserving of a long-term jail sentence. A lawyer will assess your criminal background to see if you committed any crimes that were drug-related in the past. If you have never committed any drug crimes before getting into a relationship with your abusive partner, it is proof that you are not a drug trafficker by choice. However, your past criminal background alone is not enough to prove your case. A lawyer will speak to people you know about how you changed after getting into the abusive relationship, as well as gather evidence of the abuse and threats.

Agreeing to Accept a Promising Plea Deal

One way to get a lighter sentence and possibly overturn a felony into a misdemeanor is to accept a plea deal. For example, if your partner is a suspected drug dealer and has not been captured yet, you might be offered a lighter sentence in return for giving the authorities helpful information. However, accepting a plea deal should be carefully thought about. A lawyer will assess the deal and let you know if it is wise to accept it or not. 

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