3 Things That Will Make You Less Likely To Get A DWI This Holiday Season

22 September 2018
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One thing that might really ruin your cheer this holiday season would be a DWI. Many people do get pulled over and subsequently arrested for drinking and driving when leaving holiday parties and other events during the holiday season, and if you don't want this to happen to you, try these things that can make you less likely to get a DWI.

1. Enjoy Food and Non-alcoholic Beverages

Of course, just enjoying the meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages and avoiding any alcoholic drinks at any parties you attend will help you avoid legal trouble. Then, if you want a drink, you can always have something when you get home when you don't have to worry about driving anymore.

If you do drink, balancing out your alcohol with water or other non-alcoholic drinks and making sure that you eat well will help. Be aware that simply eating and drinking non-alcoholic beverages along with consuming alcohol will not prevent a DWI. It can make it easier to manage and monitor your consumption, though.

2. Stop Drinking Well Before Leaving

Don't leave the party right after you get finished drinking cocktails. Instead, make sure that you wait a little while so that you will be sober when you hit the road. Having a couple of drinks at the beginning of the night and then waiting several hours before driving home may be safe, for example. If there is any question, though, consider asking the host if you can sleep there for a few hours before driving home

3. Make Arrangements Before Attending Events

One mistake that a lot of people make when going out to holiday parties is figuring that they will arrange for transportation later. If you wait until you have a few too many drinks, though, you might not make the best decisions, or you might not have as many options.

For example, if you wait until the end of the party to try to find someone to give you a ride home, you might have trouble finding someone who is available at the last minute. You may also think that you are sober enough to drive even if this is not the case.

Deciding before you go to a holiday party what you are going to do, such as arranging to stay at a friend's house or a hotel or arranging for a designated driver to take you home, is smart and can help prevent you from getting in a bad situation at the last minute, when you may have had a few drinks.

For more information, contact your local DWI attorney.