How To Get Your DUI Charge Expunged From Your Criminal Record

26 September 2019
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Having a criminal record that contains a DUI charge from the past can affect your life in several ways. One effect this can have is difficulties trying to get a job that requires travel or the use of a company vehicle. Because of this, you might want to find out if you can get this DUI charge from your past expunged. What is expungement? When you have any type of criminal charge on your record, it will be there permanently; however, expungement offers a way to hide the charge from your record. Read More 

What You Didn’t Learn About Your Miranda Rights On TV

30 May 2019
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Your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination is so important that it's something the police are sometimes required to remind you about via a "Miranda" warning. If you've ever spent a lot of time watching crime dramas like "NCIS" or "Law And Order," you're no-doubt familiar with the scene where the criminal suspect is arrested and read his or her Miranda rights. Unfortunately, if everything you know about your Miranda rights comes from TV, you may be confused about when the police are actually required to issue them. Read More 

Can’t Afford The Bail Amount? You Still Have Options!

15 February 2019
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In 2016, The Atlantic reported that over 60% of people in America's jails had not yet been to trial. In the United States, you're considered innocent until you're proven guilty, so why are so many people who have not yet been proven guilty confined to jail cells? For most of them, it comes down to money. People who can't afford to pay bail remain in jail – sometimes for extended periods of time – even though they haven't been convicted of any crime. Read More